Still looking for the right teenage period product?


Would you like something that is : 

  • comfortable to wear

  • discreet and not showing off

  • different to your mother or granny's products (Sorry Mum & Granny!)

  • healthy for your skin 'down- there' and

  • good for the environment?

We are hard at work creating that twene-age

period product range just for you. 

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As a Mum of a twene-age daughter (twene not yet teen), I’ve been looking for a suitable period product for her to use when the time should arrive for her first period. This was also about the time (about a year or two ago) that I started hearing about the impact that period products are having on our environment due to the amount of plastic that it contains and the chemicals it is made up of. And so, my journey started with my daughter to find a healthy and environmentally friendly product that would be suitable for her and other girls. 


We're working on developing a period product range for twene-agers that is not only healthy for them and but also for the planet. 


Starting or having a period as a young girl brings about a whole host of changes not just in our bodies but also our emotions as we are ‘growing- up’. As Mothers, this is the time when we need to support our daughters the most as they are transcending into a new phase and embarking onto a new journey in their lives. A wonderful opportunity to nurture and build stronger relationships. 


Join us on our Mother and Daughter journey. Read our blogs or follow us on social media, as we go through the ups and downs of becoming a twene-ager and a Mother trying to keep it all together.


Best Wishes 

The Twene Team xxx


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We're on a mission to provide

healthy period products to twene-agers.  Educating them about their bodies and the mental changes they are going through.

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